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Need to know what a Non-Recourse Loan is? Or what Supplemental Financing is? 

Global CommercialBanc has created a simple list of common Commercial Financing Terms.

This list of definitions will help you become more familiar with these frequently used terms.


Global understands how difficult it may be these days to obtain financing for a multifamily or commercial property.

Given that most financing sources, like Global CommercialBanc, are found via the internet, we have compiled some need to know tips that will help you be prepared when you find the right originating house.

Mortgage Tools

Understanding and utilizing commercial mortgage calculators is the first step to smart investing. Global CommercialBanc understands this and believes in providing the necessary tools for you to be a “Smart Investor”.


Please take the time to view and try out Global's user friendly calculators to determine your monthly Debt Service, Prepayment  Penalty,  NOI or  Cap  Rate.

For your convenience, we listed the calculators in order of how the Team at Global CommercialBanc utilizes them.

Click on Calculators Below
Mortgage Calculators
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