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Read What Prior Clients Have To Say About The Global Team

Cielo Vista Townhomes, Garden Court Apartments & Sierra Vista Apartments says:

Dear Global CommercialBanc Team,


I have had the pleasure of utilizing your services 3 times now in the past couple of years in my goal to grow my real estate portfolio with multifamily properties. From the first apartment complex acquisition to the third complex, each acquisition had it’s own hurdle to overcome and "overcome" I did with the guidance and knowledge of my Commercial Mortgage Banker. His knowledge with the real estate market and financial market conditions (past and present for both) helped me overcome obstacles with the purchase of each property. His assistance was greatly appreciated especially being an out of state buyer. This took time and patience over and beyond your typical financing turnaround time period. But at no time did anyone (my assigned team) at Global CommercialBanc give nothing less than 100% (if not more) throughout the process.


It was nice that every time I called with a new loan request, I was not treated as a first time caller. It is nice to know that I have built not only a professional relationship with everyone at Global CommercialBanc but also a long lasting personal (friendship) relationship with everyone there. I’m sure if I called five years from now, I still will not be treated as a first time caller.


I know people and governments like to throw around words like ‘Integrity’, ‘Commitment’ and ‘Responsibility’. With the GC team, it is the real deal!!!


To all at Global CommercialBanc – thank you for everything!

Regards, Devon Ramsundar

Elm Terrace Apartments says...

I must say, obtaining a mortgage on an apartment complex is never easy in any sense of the word, let alone an apartment complex with a HAP contract such as ours. However, from the time that I engaged Global CommercialBanc to refinance my existing mortgage, to closing and funding the loan, I was truly pleased and appreciative of everything that was done for us.


The knowledge, expertise and honesty presented at the beginning from my Commercial Mortgage Banker gave me the comfort level needed for me to begin the process with Global CommercialBanc. I was assured that a "Team" would be working on my file and there was. I was never left in the dark on what the process and/or progress was and my assigned Transaction Coordinator kept the ball rolling and me in the loop throughout the process.


With all that said, I was also pleasantly pleased to have been able to lock my rate 27 bps better than what I was quoted at the beginning of the process. I know that it wasn’t all in part of Global CommercialBanc that I received the better rate, but their ability and expertise in positioning me to be able to lock when the time was right so I could reap the rewards of a better rate was truly evident. Anyone would be well served to give Global CommercialBanc a chance to accomplish their financing goals.


Thank you to all that were part of my team.


Elm Terrace Apartments Michael Basinet

Clover Estate Mobile Home Park says:

From the first day we called Global CommercialBanc inquiring about a loan, they were professional yet genuine. They were up front and honest every step of the way. My assigned transactioin coordinator and commercial mortgage banker did everything they could from the beginning right through the closing making sure that everything went smoothly. We would absolutely work with them again and would recommend them to everyone.


Thanks again!!!!! Kathryne Olds

The Oconee Shores Apartment, Inc. says:

To Whom It May Concern:




We just refinanced our Oconee Property utilizing the services of Global CommercialBanc to secure a Fannie Mae loan.


In searching locally and through the internet we found many companies specializing in this service, but after diligent questioning, only one company stood out far above the rest, Global CommercialBanc.


Their knowledge in putting together this type of loan and their response time in meticulously following through was truly impressive…and they didn’t ignore or let the tough questions slide. We walked through this process hand in hand to a successful and timely conclusion.


My wife and I have been dealing in apartment rental complexes for over fifty years. We look forward to working with this company again. Everyone, from the president down, was always available when needed. A solid company with knowledgeable people. Global CommercialBanc, can take great pride in being a ‘stand-out.’


Very truly yours, H.L. Marks

Vermont Avenue Apartments says:

I am delighted to have just completed the refinancing of a $750,000 commercial loan with Global CommercialBanc. I would like to share with everyone my positive experience on the entire loan process.


I first came across Global CommercialBanc through a Google search on the internet. I compared its fee structures and interest rates with some of the other brokers. The key factors that lead me to the selection of Global CommercialBanc is its $4,500 application fee (the lowest in the market), the competitive interest rates, and the depth of experienced personnel that are assigned to assist me through the loan process.


The amount of documentation required for the loan application and the due diligence is quite extensive. However, the loan officer assigned to guide me through the process was very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. Throughout the seven week process, the team from Global CommercialBanc stayed on top of each action items. The loan officer was very detailed-oriented and often meticulously prepared the necessary documents for my signature. Global CommercialBanc even went as far as creating the necessary LLC operating agreement amendment which saved me time and attorney fees.


On a slightly more negative note, this particular loan happened to be registered and assigned right during the time Fannie Mae was making frequent pricing adjustments. There is a lag time for the updates to be reflected on the website. I felt Global CommercialBanc could have done a better job in communicating the changes in a more timely manner to the clients, and made the final interest rate calculation more transparent on the website to the clients.


All in all, the company provided excellent service to me and delivered outstanding loan products with very competitive costs. I would highly recommend this Company to other potential borrowers and use them again if I needed another loan.


Thank you. John Chen

Impala Properties says:

It was a pleasure doing this transaction with my team at Global CommercialBanc. They made the process very easy and greatly appreciate their efforts in getting my loan done.

On behalf of my family we would like to say "thank you."


Best regards, Yang So

Aspen Hills Apartments
Castle Creek Apartments Phase I
Castle Creek Apartments Phase II &
University Parkway Apartments

Global CommericalBanc is like a Spirit Guide through the Ever-changing and Hostile World of Commercial Lending. Without their team of Dedicated Experts to lead you through the complex process, you’ll waste tremendous amounts of precious time and money. Don’t go out into the financial wilderness alone and inexperienced, use the Lending Masters at Global CommericalBanc to get you the Financing you need to keep your business alive and running.


I recently completed a Large Multifamily Construction Re-Finance through Global CommercialBanc. Throughout the complex Lending process, Global CommericalBanc was always one step ahead of the curve. Their highly dedicated team created streamlined timetables and systematic templates that helped my organization overcome the vast challenges in today’s ever-changing Lending Environment. Global CommericalBanc’s continual guidance and dedicated support staff, allowed us to quickly obtain our complete Project Financing at a tremendous long-term fixed Rate. Two Purchases later, I fully expect to utilize the Unparalleled Expertise at Global CommercialBanc for financing my forth upcoming Apartment Project.


Byron Borton

Walnut Estates Apartment says:

Global CommercialBanc conveniently handled the challenges in refinancing my apartment complex. Global CommercialBanc completed the various documents to smoothly cover all the required transactions. The refinancing involved an ex-spouse, LLC language, and deed releases.


Global CommercialBanc, thank you for your help and services.

Sincerely, William C Haines Olympia, Washington

Westwind Apartments says:

Thanks for everything on this!! You guys were great to work with and Craig and I both look forward to doing another deal with you really soon! We’re actively looking at other projects now.


Sincerely, Howard Antle

West Alemada Apartments says:

Global CommercialBanc made the loan process as easy and palatable as possible considering all of the government regulations which must be met for loans nowadays.


The team which was assigned to our loan was professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. They kept the process moving along and brought the loan in quickly with a good rate, locking with lightening speed when the market moved in our favor.

We’ll turn to them again. Jean Perry

O'neil Terrace Townhomes says:

It has been a journey and I appreciate your acknowledgment.


I always have valued your comments to me both on and off the record.


I truly feel supported and appreciate your help in closing our fourth deal together in 2 years!


You deserve all the kudos for your hard work ethic, integrity, and most importantly, grace in helping clients attain their goals in as efficient and effective manner as possible.


Thanks again for all your guidance and hard work on this closing.


I congratulate all of you as well on another successful closing with satisfied clients.


I look forward to working again with you. I’m grateful to our working relationship that has proven successful over the years!


Sincerely, Sandip Singh

Jeffery Parkway Apartments says:

Thank you very much for all of your hard, intelligent and professional work. What started as a simple web inquiry culminated into a stellar deal for all sides.


My Commercial Mortgage Banker salesmanship and knowledge of the deal was excellent. He gained our trust really from the start which is so important in these deals.


My Transaction Coordinator made a difficult, often contentious process seamless, and her diligence and attention to detail were keys to getting this funded on time with minimal grief.


With that, we have already sourced our next project and are looking at securing some more. I have no doubt we will be working together again.


Thanks again, Sandeep and Carolyn Sood

Applewood Apartments says:

Global CommercialBanc staff has a friendly can do attitude. There is a lot of information that is needed for a loan now a days, and they were organized from the start and held my hand through the entire process. Not to mention their rates are very competitive. If I get another Fannie Mae loan - I will be contacting them first.


Greg Storm

5th Avenue Apartments says:

My experience with Global CommercialBanc is exactly like what Clover Estate Mobile Home Park said:


Professional, up front and HONEST every step of the way. The assigned transacton coordinator and commercial mortgage banker did everything from the beginning through the closing of the loan, promptly responsed and explained every single question I had with a satifactory answer. If I need a commercial loan again, Global Commercialbanc is my only choice, and will strongly recommend Global to my friends.


Thanks again, Linda Tsui

Pine Ridge Apartments says:

I certainly appreciate the team at Global CommercialBanc and their perseverence and "never give up" attitude. I have to admit this has been a process unlike anything I have been through. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.


Thank you, Charnell Peake

Cedros Apartments,
Chadron Cottages,
Blythe Apartments  &
Asbury Cottages says:

Global CommercialBanc has successfully concluded Fannie Mae refinances for 3 of my multifamily residential properties. During the course of these transactions everyone I dealt with provided highly professional and personable service. I found the staff to be very knowledgeable. They were able to represent my point of view on different issues to the bank in banker’s terms. Whenever a potential roadblock appeared in the process, the persistent efforts of this professional staff always carried the process forward. All of these successful outcomes came during a period of tight credit market and undervalued properties. Global CommercialBanc has my confidence and future business.


Regards Ravi Singh

Bronson Ave Apartments says:

We recently refinanced an older 40 unit building in Hollywood, CA with the Lantana, FL office of Global CommercialBanc. This was a problematic and lengthy transaction due to the necessity of obtaining the approval of a very recalcitrant governmental entity, the City of LA, which had a loan on the building. Our commercial mortgage banker and transaction coordinator were unfailingly helpful and patient in dealing with this process, and spent long hours on the phone and on emails until the City finally assented. We found the commercial mortgage banker and transaction coordinator to be pleasant, professional, hard working and responsive in our myriad contacts with them. As real estate professionals and investors, we would highly recommend their services.


All the best, Gabriela Litov

Winter Garden Apartments says:

I was impressed that Global CommercialBanc acted as a honest firm throughout our transaction. It wasn’t about closing our business. Instead it was about ensuring there would be a successful financing event and educating us about the complexities of Fannie Mae lending in our geography before going through the involved process of securing a loan. Once we were through the commitment letter stage, Global CommercialBanc managed the complex steps to closing diligently and pragmatically. I have already recommended Global CommercialBanc to my associates for future transactions.


John Gargasz

Palatine Park Apartments says:

Our original referral to Global CommercialBanc came from one of their happy clients but as a 20-year real estate veteran I am always suspect and notoriously tough to please. I quickly became a fan when we encountered some unexpected bumps along the way and the Global CommercialBanc’s team adapted, got creative, and worked hard as our advocate to close our loan.


Somewhere along the way, the transaction coordination team took what is typically a painful process and actually made it easy and enjoyable. After closing, Global CommercialBanc’s character became clear - when they made an unexpected donation on our behalf to our favorite charity. Suffice it to say, we are already teeing up our next deal to work with them.


Gene Sieburg

Belcrest Apartments says:

Thank you for everything Global CommercialBanc did to help us secure the CMBS loan on our multifamily mixed-use property. We know there was a lot of things that the Transaction Coordinator really didn't have to do and we appreciate it very much. Global was great!!!! THANK YOU!!!!



Belcest Apartments

Yale Properties says:

Thank you very much. We were very fortunate to fund the first property with you and that experience was so first rate, that we wanted to use you and your team again. I have never worked with anyone who is so on top of everything every step of the way, and so helpful and completely professional. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of that. It makes things so much easier, as well as enjoyable.


Yale Properties

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