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Thinking About OBTAINING FREDDIE MAC financing ON A Multifamily Property?

Global CommercialBanc specializes in multifamily financing via Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD Agencies for Loan Amounts $1,000,000 and above. With Interest Rates expecting to increase before the year, let Global CommericalBanc refinance your property now and lock in Non-Recourse debt with an interest rate fixed for up to 30 years – no need to supply Tax Returns either.

  Underwriting           Parameters

With Global CommercialBanc originating financing for more than a decade, we have the knowledge and expertise to offer the most competitive loan products available for your multifamily property. The relationships that Global has developed has allowed us the availability to ensure our Borrowers are always obtaining the best loan terms & conditions.

For your typical 80% LTV financing, below is an easy reference for a Fannie Mae Multifamily loan – whether an acquisition or refinance.

Freddie Mac – Loan Amounts $1M to $7.5MM

  • Fixed Loan Terms up to 10 Years & Hybrid ARMS for 20 Year Loan Terms

  • 30 Year Amortization

  • Interest Only Available (including full term IO in Top Markets)

  • Only Taxes Escrows Required (no Insurance Escrows Required)

  • Replacement Reserves Not Required (unless otherwise identified from Engineer)

  • Non-Recourse

  • Stepdown Prepayment Penalty (can even offer an aggressive 3%,1%,0%)

  • No Tax Returns Required

  • Competitive Interest Rates for Top Market Area

    Qualifying for an Agency loan can be simple with Global CommercialBanc. Since Tax Returns are NOT required, we rely on the cashflow of the property via P&Ls. The minimum DSCR is determined by the location of the property, so it’s important that our property meets this. Pricing incentives can also be offered for strong DSCR properties as well as low leveraged deals. In addition to us ensuring that the property cashflows, we look at our Sponsorship to qualify with a few basic guidelines.

    Global just requires a few documents from the Borrower in order to cashflow the property and provide the best interest rate available. It’s important to also note – we are not compensated until we have reached a successful loan closing. Therefore, it is always in our best interest to ensure the loan that we are proposing to the Borrower, can make it to the closing table so rest assured that a thorough screening of a loan request is performed by Global before the Borrower expenses any monies.

    Depending on the location of your multifamily property, one Agency product may be more competitive than the other. With so many different financing options available, reach out to Global CommercialBanc today to discuss what best fits your investment needs – whether long or short term.

Freddie Mac – Loan Amounts $1M to $7.5MM

  • Minimum DSCR of 1.25x for most markets.

  • Minimum Occupancy 90% for 90 days.

  • KP Credit Score at least 650.

For a Freddie Mac  Multifamily Product, Liquidity must be equal to 9 months P&I Payments, Net Worth must exceed the Loan Amount requested, and real estate experience is required if local owner & no professional management company.


  • Current Rent Roll

  • Curent YTD Trailing P&L

  • Prior Year Trailing P&L

  • P&L from 2 Years Ago

List of Capital Improvements for past 3 years, if applicable.

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