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One of Global CommercialBanc’s specialties is financing via Fannie Mae for Mobile Home Parks seeking a loan amount $1,000,000+. Our MHP financing offers long term Fixed Rates, a 30 year amortization, Non-Recourse debt and most appealing, Tax Returns are not required. Cash-out Refinances up to 80% LTV are also available depending on the market. There is no cost or obligation to have Global review your loan request to determine what financing is available for your Mobile Home Park.

  Underwriting           Parameters

Global CommercialBanc has been originating multifamily financing for Mobile Home Parks for over a decade. During this time, Global has been successful in financing these MHP’s via the Agency route which provides the most competitive rates & terms. With this type of MHP financing though, there are certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify for such great rates & terms. In an effort to easily understand if your MHP qualifies, below is an easy reference to those guidelines:

  • 50 pad minimum

  • Homes must be skirted, exposed hitches is the only exception.

  • Minimum of 75% owner owned homes

  • At least 50% double-wide homes

  • Park must have paved roads

  • Minimum of 2 off street paved parking spaces adjoining each home, unless zoning indicates otherwise

  • Landscaping and signage must be high quality and well maintained

Assuming your MHP fits the criteria for a community we would be able to finance, below are some tentative terms and conditions on what we could offer for financing:  

  • Maximum LTV of 80%

  • Fixed Loan Terms up to 30 years

  • 30 Year Amortization

  • Taxes & Insurance Escrows Required

  • Non-Recourse

  • Yield Maintenance Prepayment Penalty

  • Loan is Assumable

  • No Tax Returns Required

Qualifying for a MHP loan can be simple with Global CommercialBanc. Tax Returns are NOT required, therefore, we rely on the cashflow of the property via P&Ls. Global requires just a few basic documents from the Borrower in order to initially cashflow the property. Once that occurs, we can provide the best interest rate available depending on the specific loan term a Borrower is seeking. It’s important to also note – Global is not compensated until we have reached a successful loan closing. It is always in our best interest to ensure that if we are offering financing to a Borrower, it is something that we will be able to get to the closing table.

Fannie Mae – Loan Amounts $1M to $3M

  • Minimum DSCR of 1.25x for most markets.

  • Minimum Occupancy 90% for 90 days.

  • KP Credit Score at least 680.

Fannie Mae – Loan Amounts $3M+

  • Minimum DSCR of 1.25x for most markets.

  • Minimum Occupancy 85% for 90 days.

  • KP Credit Score at least 680 (flexibility allowed).

For either Fannie Mae Multifamily Product, Liquidity must be equal to 9 months P&I Payments, Net Worth must exceed the Loan Amount requested, and real estate experience is required if local owner & no professional management company.


  • Current Rent Roll identifying all Pads and the Type of MH

  • YTD 2017 Trailing P&L

  • 2016 Trailing P&L

  • YE 2015 P&L

  • List of Capital Improvements for past 3 years, if applicable.


We understand that financing for a MHP can be a somewhat daunting process. Reach out to Global CommercialBanc today to allow us to make this a smooth & time effect process for you.

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